Lewisporte Marina

Lewisporte Marina

Lewisporte is a small community in central Newfoundland where Amy, our maker, grew up. Growing up in a place with such a strong sense of community is something she is forever grateful for. 

Lewisporte not only had a huge impact on Amy’s life but the world has been inspired by the generous people of Lewisporte during 9/11. While the world was suffering and in disbelief, Amy’s vantage point was somewhat different. 

At that time, Lewisporte helped shelter, feed and tend to hundreds of stranded airline passengers. Alongside many other families, Amy’s parents invited three of those stranded passengers over for dinner. It is acts of kindness like these, that have helped put Lewisporte on the map, and have built a foundation of giving for Amy. 

Now it’s time to return the favour. Lewisporte continues to be a strong force for volunteerism and helping others, and Contrail Candles would like to help. 

The Lewisporte “Marina” Candle is inspired by the namesake facility, which serves as a gateway to Notre Dame Bay, offering some of the best cruising in Eastern North America.

Part of the proceeds of the Lewisporte Marina Candle will be going back to the community of Lewisporte.

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